A Day on the Beach

It is a quite normal foggy day at the beginning of the summer in Porto, Portugal. Many people go to the seaside neighborhood, Foz. Looks like they use to come here to spend some of the first morning hours. Many of them are already part of the landscape, they are camouflaged between the old yellow granit rocks and the grainy sand impaled by the tents. It is a normal day, maybe the first sunny day after a long winter, many of them are still feeling the bones wet. There is a sudden need to dry them to the sun. There is a weird enviroment, even if we are outdoor, I can feel the dust on the carpet, the smoky fur on the walls and a strong stagnant smell. We need to open the windows' doors, leave the sun come into the house and wait that this foggy day dissolves itself in the meantime we are waiting for.

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