ASSISTING Robin Hammond
I am very proud to have helped out the great photographer Robin Hammond for the cover of this important issue of National Geographic about race. It was a pleasure to work with him and this two amazing twin sisters at the beginning of the year. 
GROUP Exhibition
17.02.2018 | 11.03.2013
QUAD, Derby, UK
For the first time I will show part of my ongoing research on British Identity. This exhibition follows a week workshop organised by Mauro Bedoni and under the direction of Patrick Waterhouse and Tim Wan.
Participants: Farhad Berahman, Daniela Bayfield, Rica Cerbarano, Attilio Fiumarella, Shirley Hitchcock, Lynne Hollingsworth, Jessica Hollinshead, Tim Kay, Sally Kesterton, Fanni Kopacsi, Patricia Nimmo, Tristan Poyser, Richard Richards, David Severn, Tim Shore, Thomas Tierney.
GROUP Exhibition
17.02.2018 | 11.03.2013
QUAD, Derby, UK
21.09.2017 | 08.10.2017
Head On Photo Festival will present my work as part of the Head On Portrait Prize to be exhibited at the Indian Photography Festival, Hyderabad.
Festival dates are 21 September – 8 October 2017 – you may want to drop in!

GROUP Exhibition
05.05.2017 | 09.07.2017
HEAD ON Photo Festival
Museum of Sydney, Australia
I'm very glad to be one of the forty finalists at Head ON photo festival 2017. Here some images of the exhibition.

SOLO Exhibition
07.04.2017 | 21.05.2017
Works of Mercy
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, UK
The Photography Show
18.03.2017 | 21.03.2017
A Selection of images from the series "The Swimmers" is displayed in the Format Festival/Grain/Redeye stall at The Photography Show. The images were part of the East meet West 2.0 exhibition, a collaboration between Format and Grain. 
I was invited by Photography Studies College in Melbourne, to talk about my recent works. It was a pleasure meet the audience and discuss around very interesting topics. 
I have recently tested my new Field Camera made by a young company based in Brighton. Is the Intrepid Camera and is made in plywood through a CNC process. All the mechanics part are in aluminium. They started with the help of Kickstarter and community was very receptive to this interesting venture: make Large Format Photography affordable. The camera is very light and has very wide movements. You can also choose the bellows colour.
Initiatives as this one that intend to keep alive film photography are very important. Hope to see more in future.
More info here: 
GROUP Exhibition
06.10.2016 | 06.01.2017
East Meets West 2.0
Waterhall Gallery, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Uk
East Meets West presents the work of 16 emerging artists working with moving image or photography. This remarkable exhibition includes extraordinary works that represent the talent and ambition of artists in the Midlands today. The exhibition includes an ambitious, fascinating and diverse collection of interpretations, from projects delving into a broad range of ‘leisure’ activities and events including walking, swimming, collecting, drinking and travelling. The exhibition is a remarkable commentary on what people do today in their leisure time with projects shown including drinking culture, documenting community-led action to save local swimming baths, a sensitive portrait of a young Shetland Island resident’s use of his leisure time and an obsessive collector. The exhibiting artists are; Jim Brouwer & Simon Raven, Jacqueline Carey, Theo Ellison, Attilio Fiumarella, Emma Georgiou, Anne Giddings, Daniel Hayes, Geoff Hodgson, Amy Huggett, Holger Martin, Tracey McMaster, George Miles, Marta Soul, Clive Wheeler and Dan Wheeler.
The project is a partnership with Format International Photography Festival, Quad, Derby and GRAIN Projects, supported by Arts Council England and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.
GROUP Exhibition
02.07.2016 | 04.09.2016
East Meets West 2.0
QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces, Derby, Uk
Artists: Jim Brouwer & Simon Raven, Jacqueline Carey, Theo Ellison, Attilio Fiumarella, Emma Georgiou, Anne Giddings, Daniel Hayes, Geoff Hodgson, Amy Huggett, Holger Martin, Tracey McMaster, George Miles, Marta Soul, Clive Wheeler and Daniel T. Wheeler
East Meets West 2.0 presents sixteen artists based within the Midlands, or those who have graduated from a Midlands-based University in the past three years. Selected via an open call asking for responses relating to ‘Leisure’ – a core theme explored in Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf– the resulting works offer a fascinating and diverse collection of interpretations, from projects delving into drinking culture, to a sensitive portrait of a young Shetland Island resident’s use of his leisure time. Selected by a panel of regional experts, the work will tour to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in partnership with GRAIN Projects, Birmingham. 
23.06.2016 | 24.06.2016
University of Birmingham, Uk

I have been invited to the International Conference  "Frontiers and borders of superdiversity: theory, method and practice" to present a paper related with my current project about Superdiversity. 
It was very interesting to discover different approach on this subject, from the organization of the spaces to the body language. 
I had the opportunity to show a little example of my ongoing project at University of Birmingham and discuss that with a group of specialist in the matter.
SOLO Exhibition
23.05.2016 | 09.07.2016
Internal Landscape
RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Internal Landscape is a journey through the tables of Birmingham. It is a reflection on the diversity that so much characterise the city, and a way to celebrate it. At the same time, the work explores diversity within photography itself, by challenging its limits and testing its possibilities.
GROUP Exhibition
14.04.2016 | 29.05.2016
Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2016
York, UK

I have been longlisted out of over 3,000 entries from artists working in 67 countries worldwide for the ninth Aesthetica Art Prize. The longlist comprises 90 artists working in a range of media, whose selected pieces are published in the Aesthetica Art Prize Annual: Future Now 2016.
Hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, an international art and culture publication with a global readership of 311,000, the prize is a major annual event for British and international artists. The award presents a platform for creatives to engage with a wider audience through the publication.
The exhibition was hosted at York St Mary’s, York, UK, from 14 April to 29 May.
GROUP Exhibition
11.11.2015 | 05.12.2015
Fotonoviembre 2015 - Atlantica Colectiva
Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
SOLO Exhibition
30.10.2015 - 02.01.2016
Obras de Misericórdia (Works of Mercy)
Fnac Santa Catarina, Porto, Portugal
GROUP Exhibition
10.09.2015 | 03.10.2015
Photographic Prize: Urban Life exhibition 2015 (1st Prize)
RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, UK
"The 100 Swimmers" is awarded with the 1st Prize at RBSA's Photographic Prize: Urban Life exhibition 2015.
BBC News about "The 100 Swimmers" shoots. See the full article on the BBC web page.
SOLO Exhibition
27.06.2014 | 23.07.2014
The Swimmers
The Old Print Works, Birmingham, UK
GROUP Exhibition
26.06.2014 | 19.07.2014
Stryx gallery, Birmingham, UK
SOLO Exhibitions
21.06.2015 - 25.09.2015 - Braga
14.01.2015 - 14.04.205 - Lisbon, Chiado
02.10.2014 - 02.01.2015 - Matosinhos
26.06.2014 - 26.09.2014 - Albufeira

Obras de Misericórdia (Works of Mercy)
FNAC Stores in Portugal
GROUP Exhibition
The best photos of the year
Hotel "Rooms", Tbilisi, Georgia
Hexagon Theatre - MAC Birmingham
photo: © Ines Elsa Dalal
SOLO Exhibition
27.02.2014 - 27.05.2014
Obras de Misericórdia (Works of Mercy)
Fnac Norteshopping, Porto, Portugal
GROUP Exhibition
23.01.2014 - 18.04.2014
The Photographers' Wall - A Collection
New Library of Birmingham

Faye Claridge, Steven Legere, Anthony Blood, Attilio Fiumarella, Vanley Burke, Jason Scott Tilley, Dean O'Brien, Andrew Jackson, John Blakemore, David Shepherd, Matthew Murray, Mathab Hussain, Lily Wales, Liz Hingley, John Myers, Max Khandola, Brian Griffin, Dan Burwood, Jo Gane, Paul Hill, Sonia Audhall, Helen Sweeting, Stephen Burke.
GROUP Exhibition
21.09 | 20.10 2013
"New Settlers"
Ponte Pedonal, Peso da Regua, Portugal
SOLO Exhibition
17.05 | 16.06 2013
"New Settlers" (Novos Povoadores)
Parque do Imperio, Mirandela, Portugal
SOLO Exhibition
04.07 | 04.08 2013
"New Settlers" (Novos Povoadores)
Lg. Arquinho - Pr. República - Solar dos Magalhães, Amarante, Portugal
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